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Bullion Patch Services


Bullion Patches

Gold and silver metal wire is used to make the patches. They are made with different wires, velvet, and other materials to make the patches. Most of the time, they are used to make lettering, outline trims for designs, and fill in designs. They are also used to make unique lettering, and to make borders with amazing embroidery patterns inside.

In addition to being sewed on, bulky patches can also be sewn on to different types of clothing like jeans, jackets, and more. However, the designs need to be made by the experts because they know how to make stitches and where to make changes during the process of making the clothes.

The price of a bullion patch can change based on the complexity of the design or pattern that it has on it. However, we can tell you that you'll get high-quality bullion patches at a good price from us. Our team of digitizers is always ready to help you with great designs for your bullion patches.


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How to Order Custom Patches?

its very simple, Follow the steps below and get quality embroidered patches

  1. Go to Custom Pages form by clicking "Here"
  2. Fillout the form appropriately, We collect all the critical information to produce high end product.
  3. You will be notified with the quote and a digital picture of your patch
  4. Approve the sample and make payment, and We go into production and ship them to you.
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